National Periodic Table Day Quiz – Attempt Now!

Every year on February 7th, National Periodic Table Day is observed to honor Dmitri Mendeleev, who published the first periodic table in 1869. The order of chemical elements in the periodic table is based on the atomic number, electron configurations, and chemical characteristics of the respective elements. The periodic table is an essential tool in chemistry and is crucial for comprehending how chemical elements and their compounds behave. In this article, you can attempt the National Periodic Table Day Quiz. Below is the national periodic table, day quiz. You can find the answers at the bottom of the article

National Periodic Table Day Quiz

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1)Who is credited with creating the first periodic table of elements?

a) Dmitri Mendeleev

b) Marie Curie

c) Isaac Newton

d) Albert Einstein

2)How many elements are currently on the periodic table?

a) 118

b) 92

c) 106

d) 127

3)What is the symbol for gold on the periodic table?

a) Au

b) Ag

c) Cu

d) Fe

4)What is the most abundant gas in Earth’s atmosphere?

a) Nitrogen

b) Oxygen

c) Carbon dioxide

d) Helium

5)What is the lightest element on the periodic table?

a) Helium

b) Hydrogen

c) Lithium

d) Beryllium

6)Which element is used as a coolant in nuclear reactors?

a) Uranium

b) Plutonium

c) Thorium

d) Cesium

7)What is the symbol for lead on the periodic table?

a) Pb

b) Pt

c) Pd

d) Po

8)What is the second most abundant element in the universe after hydrogen?

a) Helium

b) Oxygen

c) Carbon

d) Nitrogen

9) Which element is responsible for the blue color in sapphires?

a) Aluminum

b) Chromium

c) Iron

d) Copper

10)What is the lightest noble gas on the periodic table?

a) Helium

b) Neon

c) Argon

d) Krypton


  1. a) Dmitri Mendeleev
  2. a) 118
  3. a) Au
  4. a) Nitrogen
  5. b) Hydrogen
  6. d) Cesium
  7. a) Pb
  8. a) Helium
  9. b) Chromium

National Periodic Table Day Quiz – Attempt Now!

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