JPSC Civil Services Previous Year Papers, Download Old Paper Here!

JPSC Civil Services Previous Year Papers

The JPSC (Jharkhand Public Service Commission) Civil Services Previous Year Papers serve as invaluable resources for aspirants preparing for the prestigious JPSC Civil Services Examination. These papers provide a comprehensive insight into the exam pattern, question types, and the level of difficulty expected in the actual examination. By reviewing and solving these previous year papers, candidates can familiarize themselves with the format and structure of the questions, allowing them to develop effective time management strategies. Additionally, analyzing the solutions to these papers helps aspirants understand the conceptual depth required and the key topics emphasized in the syllabus. Practicing with JPSC Civil Services Previous Year Papers not only boosts confidence but also aids in identifying one’s strengths and weaknesses, enabling focused and targeted preparation. As a result, these papers play a crucial role in the preparation journey of candidates aspiring to join the civil services in Jharkhand.

Download JPSC Civil Services Previous Year Papers PDF

The candidates can download the Prelims and Mains Question Paper from the below table.

YearPaperDirect Link
2021 PrelimsGeneral Studies 1Download PDF
General Studies 2Download PDF
2016 PrelimsGeneral Studies 1Download PDF
General Studies 2Download PDF

Jharkhand Civil Services Previous Year Papers Benefits

Understanding Exam Pattern:

Previous year papers can give insights into the exam pattern, marking scheme, and distribution of questions across different sections. This understanding is crucial for effective exam preparation.

Identifying Important Topics:

Analyzing past papers helps in identifying recurring themes and topics that frequently appear in the exam. This can help aspirants prioritize their study focus on high-weightage areas.

Time Management:

Solving previous year papers within the stipulated time frame allows candidates to practice time management. This is essential for success in competitive exams where completing the paper within the given time is crucial.

Real Exam Experience:

Practicing with previous year papers provides a simulated exam experience. This helps candidates get accustomed to the exam environment, reduces anxiety, and enhances their confidence on the actual exam day.

Learning Exam Trends:

By reviewing multiple years’ papers, candidates can observe any evolving trends in the type of questions asked, the difficulty level, and the changing focus of the examination over the years.


After solving the papers, candidates can self-assess their performance, identify strengths and weaknesses, and work on improving areas where they may be lagging.

Revision Aid:

Revisiting previous year papers during the final stages of preparation can serve as an effective revision tool. It helps in reinforcing important concepts and testing one’s retention of information.

Strategizing Preparation:

Analyzing previous year papers aids in developing an effective preparation strategy. It allows candidates to allocate time and resources based on the weightage of topics and the overall structure of the exam.

Gauging Difficulty Level:

Understanding the difficulty level of questions in previous papers can help candidates calibrate their preparation accordingly. It ensures they are well-prepared for the varying complexities of questions that may be presented in the actual exam.

Improving Speed and Accuracy:

Regular practice with previous year papers enhances a candidate’s speed in solving problems and improves accuracy, both of which are crucial in competitive exams.

In summary, incorporating the analysis and practice of JPSC Civil Services previous year papers into your preparation strategy can significantly contribute to a more effective and well-rounded approach to the examination.

JPSC Civil Services Previous Year Papers, Download Old Paper Here!

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